SoulPath Inc. Authentically connects individuals and businesses to the world through heart based learning.

Enhancing reliability, clarity and direction to empower heart centered leaders to engage and take action.


SoulPath Inc. is a place that assists in empowering individuals and youth to succeed in their highest potential. It engages through workshops and trainings for you to connect to your authentic self as a leader. It is an experience of self discovery through participation and nurtures the growth within each person.

SoulPath takes you on a journey through your missions and launches you into your vision and your dreams. It cultivates your IQ and EQ. It has resources for you to get through when challenges arise. It has books for adults and youth. It nourishes the heart and spirit of each person and helps you identify your gifts, talents and purpose on this planet. It is your lifeline to your highest self or your authentic self.

It expands you and nourishes you so you can be your greatest and grandest you!

It is an enriched environment with fun activities that where the only direction it leads you is to transform you. It expands ones mind beyond possible to reality.

SoulPath Inc. leads you to a life of compassion, respect, integrity and the great qualities of a leader. It empowers one not only to respect oneself but to respect others around them and bring awareness as to how they will make a ripple effect to empower themselves, their families, their community and then the world and humanity. It leads you to a happy and fulfilling life of endless possibilities and accomplishments.

SoulPath Inc. is the one stop to your greatest self where you will leave your legacy behind!

I have the privilege of knowing Inthirani Arul personally and witnessing the passion she has to share her story to inspire the next generation of leaders to leave a positive ripple effect in all their areas of influence and leave a powerful legacy for generations to come.Debra Ringler