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In this 2 to 3 hour workshop you will learn the ingredients that you need to develop and engage your leadership of self and operate from your authentic SoulPath. It is a powerful and interactive experience with exercises and teachings, which will expand your heart and leave you yearning for more. You will leave knowing you are the unique and authentic gifted being this world is waiting for immersed in confidence and clarity. You will confirm your gifts and talents empowered in your divine uniqueness, while being actively ready to serve humanity with a bigger vision and more powerful presence.


SoulPath Mastery is an advanced training filled with exciting experiences through various exercises and techniques that will move you to the next stage of your evolution. It is filled with rich content and leaves you captivated for more. You will feel full and enriched with definition of your world purpose for service. You will have a taste and an experience of the true butterfly effect. You will be gaining additional principles and tools to move you into taking action towards your vision. This is the next step for you to live your greater life and more. It is a true mastery of self and active leadership in the world. 1 DAY

The Self Esteem Survival Guide

book-coverThe self esteem survival guide is a book that shares a real life true story. It takes you through the ups and downs of relationships and the cycle that one experiences on an emotional level. We all start out as our authentic self and as things happen some people give away their power yet others overcome the obstacles and thrive.

Being authentic means finding the key to happiness and success within one’s self.

This book has real tools to help one identify the stages you may be going through and tips with “how to’s” to move forward. It shares with you that life is full of opportunities and that your life has a greater purpose for you regardless of what happened. This book will lead you back to your authentic self. Finding the key to happiness and success within and embracing your power.

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Inthirani’s speech last Saturday was so amazing! She really inspired me with her story. I can’t wait to hear how I can leave a legacy behind.Ginny Okada RN/ Master Esthetician

Inthirani speaks so people can feel what’s in her heart. I can hardly wait till the whole world hears her message.Oliver Samonte, AKA Dr Recycle – Founder of Junkology.com