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Inthirani is an author, international speaker and human relations trainer.

Inthirani is a master of understanding adversity and empowers individuals and teams to succeed to their highest potential.

She nurtures growth and compassion through the opening and connection of the heart.

Inthirani is a high energy, impactful, patient teacher and nurtures success within everyone she meets. She engages audiences and leave’s you with your heart full where you will be inspired and motivated into taking action. Your SouthPath awaits you.

Keynote speaker

Inthirani facilitates an experience that is engaging, uplifting and memorable and where audiences will be inspired for taking positive action in their lives.

Her knowledge base with diverse groups of people will leave you knowing your SoulPath and purpose is much bigger than you may have envisioned.


Inthirani’s workshops are entertaining and lively, with exercises that are action oriented. You will feel empowered as a leader and as an individual. You will learn the skill to operate from your own authentic leadership styles so you can engage and live your legacy.

Through heart centered learning and teachings you will leave with hearts that feels full and empowered to connect your gifts and talents to the world.

Multiple day trainings

These trainings are unique and like no other trainings out there. They are customized techniques that enable you to connect to ones true self and enhance your human potential abilities.

Inthirani has engaging trainings for youth and adults and those who are working to be their very best through their own self awareness. These trainings will leave you self empowered and results oriented as you become the ripple effect for positive change in the world and for your legacy.

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In this 2 to 3 hour workshop you will learn the ingredients that you need to develop and engage your leadership of self and operate from your authentic SoulPath. It is a powerful and interactive experience with exercises and teachings, which will expand your heart and leave you yearning for more. You will leave knowing you are the unique and authentic gifted being this world is waiting for immersed in confidence and clarity. You will confirm your gifts and talents empowered in your divine uniqueness, while being actively ready to serve humanity with a bigger vision and more powerful presence.


SoulPath Mastery is an advanced training filled with exciting experiences through various exercises and techniques that will move you to the next stage of your evolution. It is filled with rich content and leaves you captivated for more. You will feel full and enriched with definition of your world purpose for service. You will have a taste and an experience of the true butterfly effect. You will be gaining additional principles and tools to move you into taking action towards your vision. This is the next step for you to live your greater life and more. It is a true mastery of self and active leadership in the world. 1 DAY

The first time I met Inthirani Arul, I knew that there was a story that needed to be told. Inthirani’s energy and perpetual optimism is what encouraged me to want to know more. When she starts to share, she comes alive in her passion when sharing about how you can leave a memorable legacy behind through true leadership. It is a great privilege to know Inthirani Arul!Kelly Orchard, M.A. LMFT – Author. Speaker. Coach.